The food tastes better after a good oven cleaning!

Professional Oven Cleaning South East London

We cover all brands and models Experienced technicians with in-depth knowledge Dip tank cleaning system with disassembly Prolonging the life of your appliance Service available 7 days a week Ready to use right after the service

Oven cleaning by real experts in South East London area

Having your appliances cleaned by Miss Maid brings over 19 years of experience in the industry. Our unique Professional Oven Cleaning in South East London is carefully designed to restore your cooker back to its clean and efficient condition. No more burn smell in your food and your Sunday roast will taste much better!

Extend the lifespan of your appliances

We need our kitchen appliances daily and keeping them in good shape is important. Most used appliances in a typical household are cooker, oven, range, hob and extractor hoods. They accumulate a lot of stubborn stains from grease and splashes of food. These stains are then exposed to high temperatures and become hard burned, difficult to clean with the usual oven cleaning methods.

We clean all brands and models

Our oven cleaning specialists are fully trained to work with all oven brands; including range oven cleaning, gas oven cleaning and electric oven cleaning.

Oven Cleaning South East London

Get your professional appliance specialist for South East London area

  • Book Miss Maid oven cleaning specialist online
  • One of our local & fully insured cleaning technicians with all the equipment required, will visit your home
  • Your cooking appliances will be tested and inspected before commencing the service to ensure they function as intended
  • All removable parts will be soaked in special baths outside to ensure your property remains mess free
  • Our technician will carry out professional deep cleaning to your appliances and test them on completion
  • You can start using your oven straight after the cleaning is completed
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Quality oven cleaning in South East London

At Miss Maid, we understand that a fully functional appliances are important part for every household. Our deep oven cleaning specialists in South East London are fully trained to apply our unique cleaning system and get your oven sparkling again. We are familiar with all modern and traditional types of ovens, ranges and cookers.

Unique cleaning system

Our extensive experience in the industry have helped us create a unique oven cleaning system that provides safe and efficient method of cleaning your appliance.

As part of the visit, we can also include the following: Extractor Fan cleaning, Microwave cleaning, BBQ cleaning, AGA cleaning, Fridge and Freezer cleaning, Dish Washer cleaning, Washing Machines cleaning and many more.

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Oven and Appliances Cleaning in South East London

What our clients say

Im very pleased with Miss Maid services. I booked oven cleaning, which was carried out by a well mannered and hard working gentleman in a timely and clean manner plus with some useful advice on how to maintain an oven! I will definitely recommend their services to friends and family.
– Ania Symonowitch, Oven Cleaning Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Professional Oven Cleaning?

This service requires disassembly and deep clean of all removable parts of your oven using dip tank technology. The oven door in most instances is also dismantled and cleaned between the outer and inner glass.

How often should you get your oven cleaned?

It is recommended that ovens should be cleaned professionally every three to six months. Regular cleaning of your oven will prolong the life of your appliance and also save energy.

Do you clean between the glass panels of the oven door?

Yes, we disassemble the door and glass panels and clean between, however please note that some oven doors are factory sealed and are not possible to be dismantled and cleaned internally.

Do you provide oven cleaning discounts?

Yes. Usually most customers also book their hobs, extractors and other appliances to be cleaned along with their oven cleaning. If you book more than two appliances to be cleaned, we provide an extra discounts on top of our usual deals.

Are you insured?

All our oven cleaning specialists are fully insured by our £5m Public Liability Cover. You can rest assured that your oven and other appliances are in good hands with Miss Maid.

When can I start using my oven?

You can start using your oven right away. The technician will carry out a safety test after the completion of the service and you can start enjoying your freshly cleaned oven immediately.

Oven Cleaning Prices

Appliance Type Standard Price 25% Off
Single Oven £65 £49
Double Oven £92 £69
Range Cooker from £113 from £85
AGA Oven from £116 from £87

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