End of Tenancy Cleaning Charing Cross WC2

Miss Maid is a professional cleaning company that has been working since 2001 to improve the life of Charing Cross WC2 residents. For more than 23 years, we have been offering cleaning services including End of Tenancy Cleaning Charing Cross WC2. Our customers are always impressed with our work and recommend us to their friends and family.

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Professional Cleaning Company in Charing Cross WC2

Miss Maid is a friendly family-run company that delivers professional services. We provide a thorough training process and carefuly screen our employees so we work with the most committed and serious individuals.

Our landlord approved End of Tenancy cleaning is a thorough job that includes tasks like professional oven cleaning, hoovering, and more. Call us now to see what other jobs are included in our standard offer and get a quote for your Charing Cross WC2 house.

We have daily customer service that will give you more details about our End of Tenancy cleaning. They will tell about optional jobs like professional carpet cleaning and how you can get them at a nice discount. Our cleaners use professional solutions of highest quality for all the tasks. We can also provide eco-friendly products upon client’s request.

Affordable End of Tenancy Cleaning

We will offer you an unbeatable quote by price matching better deals on a like-for-like basis. We have personalized offers so give us a call any day and discover what we’re offering you! No matter what offer you select, we will always include a free re-clean as a guarantee.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Charing Cross WC2

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Property Type Standard Price 25% Off
1 Bedroom flat from £208 from £156
2 Bedroom flat from £232 from £174
3 Bedroom flat from £272 from £204
4 Bedroom flat from £336 from £252

Did you know that...

The name formed from the hamlet’s name Charing and Cross that refers to the medieval Eleanor Cross that stood in the middle of this Central London area. These crosses are monuments that commemorated King Edward I’s wife, Eleanor of Castile. They were built in the 13th century. The local Eleanor Cross was demolished in 1647. It stood near the entrance to the Royal Mews. Charing Cross marks the center of London. It’s the origin point for all London distances. The name Charing derives from the Anglo-Saxon “cierring” that refers to a bend in the River Thames. Cherryngescrouche and Charyngcrouche are variants of the Charing Cross name.

The local railway station, tube station, hospital, police station, and several other buildings of this WC2 area borrow the name Charing Cross. The railway station was built in 1864. It is a central railway terminus. In the 19th century, the station was London’s main terminus. The station was rebuilt after it took massive damage in 1905 from an engineering accident. The station was modernized in 1974. In 1983, the first system for electronic ticket printing was installed here. The station appears in several Sherlock Holmes stories. The 1998 A Conversation With Oscar Wilde statue can be found opposite the station.

The famous equestrian statue of Charles I replaced the Eleanor Cross. It was built in 1675 by French sculptor Hubert Le Sueur. The decisive battle of Wyatt’s Rebellion was fought at the Charing Cross. Armies of rebels led by Thomas Wyatt attempted to seize the throne from Queen Mary I of England. They were defeated by the Tower Garrison. The Chapel and Hospital of St Mary Rounceval were established in Charing Cross in the 13th century in an Augustinian house. In the 14th century, the house and surrounding lands were seized in the name of the king. In the 16th century, the chapel was transformed into a private residence.

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