How to clean diamond and gemstone ring?

In four easy steps using old tooth brush and soapy water:

  • Fill in water into a small bowl or glass
  • Pour out a few drops of washing up liquid in the water
  • Leave for 5-10mins
  • Use the tooth brush to clean the rings and rinse afterwards.


This is the safest method to clean your rings as it doesn’t take away the sparkle and it doesn’t damage the structure of the gem. For comparison, as we all know the diamond is the hardest gem stone and to compare in a scale of 1 to 10, diamond being 10 and some other gems e.g. Tanzanite 6 ½ – 7. If you clean “soft” gem stones such as Tanzanite with ammonia you may take away the sparkle from the gem and damage the crystal structure of the gem. The use of ammonia in any cleaning method should be cautious.